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Swager for Sheetmetal Work

Universal Rotary Swager Model RM-08

Popular Universal Swaging Machine suitable for the small workshop, bench mounting via table clamp for ease of use and storage. This model will perform many rotary operation tasks in sheetmetal up to 1mm ( 22 g ) capacity and 178mm deep.


  • All cast iron construction for maximum rigity
  • Smooth and fsat operation
  • Adjustable roll pressure by top crank handle
  • 6 sets of formers included
  • Comes complete with 6 sets of dies:
  • Shrinking die set
  • Small turning die set
  • Ogee bead die set
  • Burring die set
  • Large turning die set
  • Wiring die set
  • Crimping die set

Price: £225.00 Incl vat