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GH1322 Lathe Bed

Completely Unused Lathe Bed

Due to shipping damage of the complete machine by transport company some damage was sustained to the machine.
It was deemed too costly to repair and therefore we have stripped the whole machine for spare parts.

Approx dimensions:
Base - 52" x 17.5"
Bed including headstock end - 45 1/2" x 6"

The vee bed is hardened and ground and still covered in protective coating from new

This lathe bed is unused and suitable for many prototype projects or special builds.

To Clear:
Offers around £250.00  plus Vat

Many other parts available - for the GH1322 Geared Head Lathe and will be uploaded to website in due course
Include - Topslide, Crosslide, Headstock, Tailstock and numerous other parts -
ALL UNUSED - Call for details - 01453 767584